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Weekly Wrap 06

The last 2 weeks have slipped away without a wrap-up post from me. But I haven’t had that much to wrap about either. I’ve been trying to run at 3 days a week, but I haven’t kept up with the 80/20 schedule much at all. I am doing most of my runs at an easy pace. I really think I should add in at least one day of less easy running, but it feels hard to fit in. Since around April I’ve been doing Crossfit type workouts with my coworkers twice a week and I started off loving them. But lately, I feel like they just might be wearing me out. I do think I’m stronger, which is nice, but I haven’t seen much of…

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Weekly Wrap 05

Wow, five weeks of wrapups, at least I’m more consistent in my blogging than I am in my training! ;P Last week started off great. Monday was my usual rest day, and I really wanted and enjoyed it after last Sunday’s bleh run. But on Tuesday, the weather was fabulous and I started the day off 3.5 miles with my husband. I forgot my HRM (seems to happen a lot when I plan to head to work after – I think because there are so many other things I have to remember/get ready), so we just ran at an easy pace. Whether it’s 80/20 working or just the cooler weather, the run was a little faster paced than usual but felt effortless. At Fusion class,…


Weekly Wrap 04

I knew going in it was going to be a low-mileage week because we had our offsite quarterly meeting for work. On Monday, I forgot my HR so I just ran 3.5 easy miles with my husband. The weather was cool and it was fabulous. We also had work class of Fusion/Crossfit since we knew we would be out on Thursday. On Tuesday, I remembered my HRM and did 1mi Z2, 1mi Z3, 1mi Z2. And our usual Fusion/Crossfit class. I was tired at the end of the day and so I cancelled my reserved spot for Wednesday’s 6am weightlifting. Oh, and our little espresso-machine lid died ūüôĀ On Wednesday we slept in, and then walked down to get coffee. I sort of meant to…

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Weekly Wrap 03

It was first week of trying to follow the 80/20 Level 1 Half Marathon Plan. Being that I am basically incapable of following any plan, I did about as well as expected. But I did more running than I’ve done in a while and am feeling really good about it, so that counts as a win. Monday – Rest Day! No run, no class! Tuesday – Fast Finish Run. I really enjoyed this one. 5 min in Z1, 25 in Z2, and then finish with 10 in Z3. Wednesday – made it to 6AM Strength class, then did 25 min easy – which wasn’t ~exactly what was on the schedule, but I left my HRM monitor at home, so I just winged it. I felt…


Weekly Wrap 02

Happy Monday, another week has come and gone already.¬† It was a busy, exhausting week over here. On Tuesday, Crossfit kicked my hamstrings!¬† We did front squats, followed by weighted lunges, followed by a run … oof! I woke up sore on Wednesday.¬† The kind of sore where even laying in bed doesn’t feel so good.¬† It was hot and very humid, but I made it out to the track/trail.¬† I did 3 miles, with the first 2 miles being primarily 30/90 second sprints and recovers and the last mile nice and slow. On Thursday we ~finally~ close on our former house. Because of the timing, I missed crossfit and was not even sad.¬† After driving way across town to sign some paperwork, we came…

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Weekly WrapUp 01

I’m excited to participate in my first (for this blog anyways) Weekly Wrap. ¬†I actually wrote things down as they happened this week, so let’s jump right in. Monday: Rest day! ¬†I know lots of people #nevermissamonday, but I actually like starting off the week kind of low key and lazy. Tuesday: ¬†Crossfit class was pretty brutal. ¬†It never seems that bad to read the board, but …. ¬†reality. ¬† The first part of class seemed okay – I can’t even remember what we did. ¬†Then, we used a heavy kettlebell and were to do 3 descending rounds (20, 15, 10) of goblet squats, kettlebell swings and lawnmower rows. ¬†If you pick a weight that is challenging for the first 2, that last exercise is…